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The CDC Unanimously Voted (15-0) to Add C19 Jab to Childhood Vaccine Schedule: Now What?

Here's what you can do to make a difference.

The CDC ignored the 86,799+ comments of concerned citizens to vote for pharma and their own self-interests by adding the COVID jab to the 2023 US Childhood Immunization Schedule.

So what does this mean?

With the CDC’s blessing, states can take that recommendation and use it as a means to mandate COVID-19 vaccination as a requirement for children to attend public school. Expect states like California, New York, and a handful of others to do just that.

It also means that they’ve given themselves a liability shield, per Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Once it becomes an approved vaccine, that shield – that freedom from immunity disappears, and we will be able to sue them — unless it’s a recommended vaccine for children. Because under the childhood vaccine act, any vaccine that is recommended for children automatically receives immunity from liability even when that vaccine is given to an adult.

So Pfizer knows that it cannot afford to give an approved vaccine to any American because attorneys like me will sue them and bankrupt them overnight. We will make them pay for the entire pandemic. But if they can get it approved for children, then they’ll get immunity from liability, and they will not have to deal with the consequences of their behavior.

So what can we do now?

1.) Continue to inundate the comment section. Let this be a written record of how they ignored the concerns of tens of thousands of Americans.

2.) Give the voting members a phone call. I’m sure they would love to hear what you have to say.

 • Dr. Sarah Long 215-427-5201

 • Dr. Grace Lee 650-497-0618

 • Lynn Bahta (an RN) 651-201-5505

 • Dr. Beth Bell  404-432-3059

 • Dr. Oliver Brooks 323-564-4331

 • Dr. Wilbur Chen 410-706-5328

 • Dr. Sybil Cineas 401-444-4741

 • Dr. Helen Keipp Talbot 615-322-2035

 • Dr. Matthew Daley 303-393-6604

 • Dr. Camille Nelson Kotton 617-726-3812

 • Dr. Jamie Loehr 607-697-0360

 • Veronica V. McNally (an attorney) 517-432-6969

 • Dr. Katherine A. Poehling 336-716-9661 extension: 62540

 • Dr. Pablo J. Sánchez 614-722-4559

 • Dr. Nirav D. Shah 312-952-6092

3.) If your state mandates the COVID jab as a condition to attend public school — home school them. I know it’s tough, but the health of your child is far more important than any short-term inconvenience. And if 5, 10, 20% of parents in a state do just that, how do you think they are going to respond? With strong backlash come changes in policy. Make them instantly regret mandating this shot.

4.) Make sure you get out and vote this November. Do your research and vote for the candidates who value medical freedom. This is, without a doubt, one of the most pressing issues of our time. The website below is a good resource to get you started.

5.) Share this article/links with aligned family members and friends. The more of us that are activated and engaged, the more annoying pests they have to deal with. Be an aggravating thorn, demand freedom, and fight like heck. Because, in the end, God wins.


Thanks for reading.

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