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Tucker Carlson Explains Why You’ll Never Get an Apology for What Happened During COVID

“If I admitted it, I’d have to suffer the consequences.”

Originally Published on Vigilant News

In the opening monologue of episode 45 of Tucker on X, Carlson delved into the theme of acknowledging and taking responsibility for one’s wrongdoings.

Tucker observed that the magnitude of a tragedy seems to inversely affect the willingness of those responsible to offer apologies. He exemplified this by saying that if he were to cause a minor accident, like denting someone’s car bumper, he would readily apologize.

“But if I were to say, invade Iraq under false pretenses and kill a million people and spend a trillion of your dollars doing it, I wouldn’t say a word. I would never admit that was a bad idea. I couldn’t. It implicates me too profoundly,” Carlson commented.

The same principle applies to COVID.

Tucker added to the “It implicates me too profoundly” remark by saying, “The same goes for if I say, locked your kids inside for a year and destroyed their brains and prevented them from getting an education.”

He lastly mentioned the infamous COVID vaccine. “Or if I say forced you to take a vax that didn’t work that very well might have hurt you, I could never admit that I did that. I just couldn’t. Because if I admitted it, I’d have to suffer the consequences.”

The entire episode (45) of Tucker on X is available to watch via the video below:

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