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Data Analyst Unveils Where the Vaccine Deaths Are Hiding


“Myocarditis has become the darling of the anti-vax community. But myocarditis is about 1% of the overall vaccine deaths,” says John Beaudoin Sr, author of “The Real CDC.”

Beaudoin discovered that in 2021, excess deaths in Massachusetts shifted from respiratory deaths to blood and circulatory system issues, such as clotting and bleeding.

There is where, Beaudoin says, the vaccine deaths are hiding.

“So what people are dying from, they’re dying from ... cardiac stroke, pulmonary embolism, gastrointestinal hemorrhages, aortic arch dissections, more than the respiratory, which went down at the same time.”

Furthermore, Beaudoin says these vaccine-related deaths are, on average, 16 years younger than the average COVID death in 2020.

“What it comes out to is the vaccine killed far more life years from the American public.”

Click Here to Watch the Full Interview

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